Transportation Workshop presented by ACC of Illinois in partnership with Cresco

ACC of Illinois in partnership with Cresco Labs held a Illinois cannabis transporters workshop where many attendees were able to obtain information to get their cannabis transportation businesses off the ground. The event was held July 23rd at the ICEC (Illinois Cannabis Education Center) located in the wrigleyville area of Chicago and featured speakers listed below.

  • Victoria Williams of ACC of Illinois & ACC Transportation
  • Berwyn Thompkins of IGTM Education & ACC Transportation
  • State Rep Kelly Cassidy
  • Vincent Mykal of the Vincent Mykal Experience
  • Cresco Transportation Specialist
  • Chavonne Carter-Hendrick of Taking Your Life Back Today

A lot of cannabis transporters in the state of Illinois have long been seeking resources and answers to how to get their businesses up and operational. There have been many issues since the granting of the cannabis transportation licenses, the main issue being that no one that has been granted the license has been able to operate. This unique situation has caused ACC Transportation to pivot some of their business and develop programming and workshops to help others in the state that have been granted the cannabis transportation license.

During the workshop State Rep Kelly Cassidy spoke on their original intentions when they were crafting the initial cannabis bill. State Rep Cassidy spoke on the various opportunities in cannabis and the ancillary opportunities that are now presenting themselves. Many of the attendees had questions regarding things from how to get in the business of cannabis to what are the next things to look for in cannabis in the state of Illinois. State Rep Kelly Cassidy answered them all as well as offered various resources.

Cresco provided a subject matter expert in cannabis transportation where he shared information about what the larger cannabis companies are looking for when they partner with the transporters that have been newly licensed. The focus of the discussion was:

  • Strong Chain of Custody
  • Real Time Tracking
  • Wages
  • Security
  • Cost Per Mile

A lot of new information was provided to attendees that may steer many on the path to operating. One of the main things that was said to the attendees was to be persistent in their pursuit in this business.

Other panelist such as Victoria Williams of ACC Transportation spoke in regards to the difficulties she has endured getting her transportation ACC Transportation operational. Victoria discussed how she had to navigate through the process with limited resources while helping providing resources and outlets for other transporters in the state.

Berwyn Thompkins spoke in regards to finding ancillary opportunities in cannabis. Berwyn touched on the new opportunities in cannabis such as the consumption lounges that he believes will be the next financial opportunity for many social equity qualifiers. He believes its time to think outside the box and not just about the traditional licenses that are so highly touted. He believes there is tremendous opportunities that have yet to be realized.

Many people left the event excited and ready to tackle their business issues with the new information that they gained.

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