IGTM Education is a Illinois Responsible vendor who teaches students how to properly gain access to the Illinois cannabis industry. Take this opportunity to enter into the cannabis industry on the ground floor in Illinois. With sales expected to top 2 billion dollars annually in Illinois now is the time to enter into what is called the next big business boom and thats the Recreational cannabis industry. With Illinois adding the social equity component to the cannabis bill there is even more opportunity to get involved in the cannabis business if you live or have lived in a economic disproportionate area for 5 of the last 10 years or have been affected by a cannabis arrest. Learn how to enter the Recreation Cannabis industry by taking the Responsible Vendor training on the topics required by the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act 410 ILCS 705/15-40(i)(3).

Who needs to receive training from a Responsible Vendor?
All owners, managers, employees, and agents involved in the handling or sale of cannabis or cannabis-infused products employed by an adult use dispensing organization or medical cannabis dispensing organization as defined in Section 10 of the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Program Act.

Are all Principal Officers required to receive training from a Responsible Vendor?
The only agents that are required to receive the Responsible Vendor Training are those involved in the handling or sale of cannabis or cannabis-infused products. However, all agents, including all Principal Officers, must meet the 8-hour training requirement found in Section 15-65(a)(5) of the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act.

Can a Responsible Vendor provide all 8 hours of the training required by Section 15-65(a)(5)?
Yes, provided the training meets all the requirements of Section 15-40(i)(3) and 15-65(a)(5) of the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act.

Does the training provided by the Responsible Vendor count toward the 8-hour training required by Section 15-65(a)(5)?
Yes. For example, if the Responsible Vendor training is for 3 hours, a dispensing organization would still be required to provide 5 hours of additional training per year. In any case, a dispensary agent, agent-in-charge, and principal officer must receive training on the following topics as prescribed by Section 15-65(a)(5) of the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act: (i) how to effectively operate the point-of-sale system and the State’s verification system, (ii) proper inventory handling and tracking, (iii) specific uses of cannabis or cannabis-infused products, (iv) instruction regarding regulatory inspection preparedness and law enforcement interaction, and (v) awareness of the legal requirements for maintaining status as an agent.

When must individuals receive the training from a Responsible Vendor?
The training must be received within 90 days of September 1, 2019 or within 90 days before or after the first day of employment at a dispensary, whichever is later. Training received outside of the 90-day window will not meet the training requirement imposed by Section 15-40(i) of the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act.

How often must individuals receive training from a Responsible Vendor?
Training must be received annually.

Where can I find a list of Responsible Vendors?

NOW!!! is the time to get information so you are next in line for employment and/or to open your own business in the Illinois recreational cannabis industry.

Training Provided:

IGTM Education currently offers 8 courses in the cannabis industry:

To purchase a ticket to each particular class just click the links above according to the class you want to take . Classes are limited seating

Hands-on training: We provide hands on training of making packaging, and prepping for cooking

With so many counterfeit cannabis products hitting the market it is even more imperative to be educated on what to look out for regarding what is truly a THC infused product. Many of you have already possibly ran across various knock off products that are usually Synthetic Cannabinoid (Spice, K2, Herbal incense, etc.)

With the various trainings that we offer we cover becoming legally involved in the cannabis industry by providing Trusted vendor training to either work or own in the Illinois cannabis industry. Through the Illinois dispensary agent training you will be ready to enter the business much more knowledgeable and the program offers a certification upon the completion of the class.

With the ancillary products sector of the cannabis industry growing exponentially, these courses focuses on the edible manufacturing and cannabis infused products business. During these 4-hour courses, students will also learn about processor operating procedures, employment policies, oil extraction and infusion best practices. Curriculum covers culinary and non-culinary jobs.