4/20 done a new way in Illinois

Some of the attendees the day of event

IGTM Education is proud of planning, coordinating, and hosting an event with Cresco Labs and ACC Of Illinois. This year while planning the event many people were asking about where the parties were, so many people asked we decided to ultimately do something different for 4/20 this year and hopefully we continue to do this event on a continuous basis.

Through partnering with Cresco Labs and their SEED initiative ran by Chima Enyia we curated an event at the ICEC (Illinois Cannabis Education Center) located at 3812 N Clark Street, Chicago, IL. This event would allow for us to have a dispensary tour, as well as see and interact with 2 different panels.

The panels consisted of:

Subject matter experts provided by Cresco in: 

  • Cultivation
  • Supply Chain
  • Marketing

Special Guest:

  • Macey Brooks/ Retired Chicago Bear/ Specialty Cultivator
  • Victoria Williams/ ACC Transportation
  • Harold James/ Empire Diamonds/ Marketing and Product Placement Expert
  • Berwyn Thompkins/ IGTM Education/ Cannabis Infusion Education
  • Robert Williams: Puppy Haberdashery/ Canna-Therapy and how it relates to your pet
  • Vincent Mychal/ The Vincent Mychal Experience/ Cannabis Meal Prep
  • Chavonne Carter/ Taking Your Life Back/ Expungement Coordinator 
Macey Brooks and Robert Williams speaking at Illinois Cannabis Education Center

This 4/20 we wanted to put the focus squarely on empowering and informing the community regarding cannabis. We wanted to help people realize the benefits and opportunities that are within the cannabis industry and not just the standard opportunities that are spoken of such as a craft grow or a dispensary. The event presented various opportunities that people can participate in now that would allow them to be in the cannabis industry as well as the future opportunities that will exist once the cannabis industry is completely built out in Illinois. Macey Brooks spoke very passionately about identifying problems in cannabis and how you can turn those problems into business opportunities.

Cresco provided experts that answered every question that was asked of them. Each expert holds their own in their respective fields. The conversation allowed for the panelist to identify with the audience and for the audience to understand the various aspects of running an operation the size of Cresco.

Event Participants

Among the event attendees were Illinois cannabis infuser license holders, responsible vendor trainers, and licensed cannabis transporters all looking for new innovative ways to leverage their licenses and create even more opportunities for people of color in Illinos cannabis. Through networking at this event and gaining powerful insight from Cresco many of the license holders left the event feeling empowered and ready to work even harder to create generational wealth in their respective communities.

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