Precision Extraction Ultimate Guide: Hemp & Cannabis Extraction Equipment

CBD gained overwhelming popularity over the past few years as a direct result of its numerous applications. As CBD continues to grow in market share, it is also quietly ushering in cannabis acceptance and normalization.

However, the processes for making quality CBD oil are complex and require specialized equipment. For the process to be successful, cannabis extraction equipment separates the compounds from the plant matter. With numerous extraction machines available in the market, determining which is best means considering multiple variables.

To be able to identify the best cannabis oil extractor, here is a guide on the best hemp and cannabis extraction equipment.


Whether you are looking for a small extraction, a machine for small scale use, or large industrial equipment, the market has a variety on offer. Some of these machines will use alcohol in the extraction process, while others will use CO2. However, all of them have their pros and downsides.

Therefore, to identify the machine that best suits your needs, you must first understand how the process works. The extraction can be done in three primary ways which include:


This extraction process is one of the cheapest, easiest, and fastest methods. The process uses solvents like ethanol, propane, butane, alcohol, or isopropyl, to obtain the CBD compound. These solvents are used to dissolve the plant waxes, and it’s able to extract both the cannabinoids and the chlorophyll.

The first step in this process includes cutting the plant and flowers into small trimmings and putting them into a container. After this, you add the solvent to the trimmings, which strips them of cannabinoids. An evaporation process is then done, which leaves the extracts in the form of oil.

However, despite being easy, fast, and cheap, this process is also quite dangerous. This is because of the nature of the solvents used, which are all highly flammable. Also, the solvent residual, if not completely removed in the evaporation process, can be toxic.


As the demand for high-quality CBD products increasingly grows, the extraction process has become more and more sophisticated. The CO2 extraction method is the most advanced one and also the most recommended. Although it is an ideal method, it is too costly and complicated.

If done correctly, this process produces a safe and potent extraction, that is also chlorophyll-free. Also, it does not eliminate any beneficial contents in the plants, as much as it is done in the other methods.

Typically, this extraction method involves the use of a “closed-loop extractor.” The extraction equipment contains three sections called chambers. The first chamber includes dry ice or compressed, solid CO2. The CO2 is pumped through to the second section in a supercritical CO2 form.

 The second chamber, on the other hand, contains dried hemp plant material. When the Supercritical CO2 enters the second chamber, it separates the extracts from the plant material. The resultant product is then pumped into the third chamber.

 The third chamber is then used for the separation of the resultant product, whereby the CO2 rises and leaves the cannabinoids at the bottom of the chamber.


Most of the quality extractions machines have various common parts. A quality machine will have these parts:

1.   Automated Screen Monitor

For any quality cannabis oil extractor, an automatic screen monitor is necessary. This screen helps to make it more user-friendly. In most cases, the display may be touch-enabled, which provides even more comfortable usability.

The screen monitors, in most cases, are automated, making it simple to use by the operator. The screen helps the operator to monitor the real-time operation of the machine.

2.   Air-filled Loading Lids

These are cylinder caps that contain compressed air that helps keep them stable and fitting. After you place the plant material into the extractor, these caps are then used to cover cylinders tightly. You can either fit them manually or automatically based on the operational mode of the machine.

Even when doing it manually, the process is simple and doesn’t need any auxiliary parts like nuts, bolts, or spanners.

3.   Customized CO2 Gas Booster

This booster is useful in converting the gaseous CO2 into a liquid form. The liquefied gas is either used in the extraction or stored temporarily for later use. These boosters are very effective and require minimal maintenance.

4.   Combined Extraction Cylinders System

The system comprises of several cylinders merged into one unit. This helps to provide more substantial capacity for extensive range extraction.

5.   Reactors

These consist of highly pressurized vessels that are made of grade316 stainless steel. The material is also sterilizable and comes in various volumes such as 5L, 20L, or 100L.

6.   Heat Exchangers

The heat exchangers are components of the extraction machine, which are built from stainless steel material. The material intends to eliminate any possibility of corrosion from CO2 gas.

7.   CO2 Pumps(customized)

These are specially made pumps for cannabis extraction. They are hydraulic and operate under high pressures of around 4900 psi.

8.   CO2 Cylinder System (customized)

They are cylinders used for the storage of CO2 gas, which is used in the process of cannabis compound extraction. It helps to ensure that there is always enough gas for the procedure.

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