Minnesota adds edibles products to medical marijuana program

Minnesota regulators are adding medical marijuana edibles to the list of products available to MMJ patients, a move that could boost sales for both processors and dispensaries.

The state health department said it will approve cannabis-infused edibles in the form of “gummies and chews,” effective Aug. 1, 2022, according to a news release.

The department needs to undertake the rulemaking process for labeling, safety messaging, packaging and testing. That process is expected to begin this month.

At the moment, medical marijuana patients in Minnesota may purchase MMJ pills, vapor oil, liquids, topicals, powdered mixtures and orally dissolvable products such as lozenges.

“Expanding delivery methods to gummies and chews will mean more options for patients who cannot tolerate current available forms of medical cannabis,” said Jay Malcolm, Minnesota’s commissioner of health.

In March 2022, patients will also be eligible to purchase smokable cannabis flower, which was approved this year by the Minnesota Legislature.

The health department also said no new illnesses – specifically anxiety disorders – have been added to the list of conditions that can be treated with medical cannabis.

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