Michigan marijuana testing lab closed for alleged reporting failures

Michigan regulators shut down a marijuana testing laboratory for alleged reporting failures, dealing a setback to a program that was already stretched thin because it lacked an adequate number of labs.

The move leaves the state with only five cannabis testing labs and could cause a backup throughout the marijuana supply chain.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Michigan’s Marijuana Regulatory Agency filed a complaint against Iron Labs, based in Walled Lake, and suspended the company’s license for a number of violations, including a failure to report:

  • Cannabis that tested above the legal limit for contaminants.
  • Edibles that tested above the allowable THC limit.

The state is warning consumers to be cautious about cannabis products tested by the lab, particularly medical marijuana patients.

“Respondent lacks integrity, moral character and responsibility or means to operate or maintain a marijuana facility,” the state wrote in its complaint, according to the Free Press.

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