Colorado’s 2021 cannabis sales set another annual record at $2.22 billion 

Colorado set another record in 2021 with $2.22 billion in combined sales of medical and recreational cannabis.

According to the state Department of Revenue, 2021 set a new bar for the Colorado cannabis industry with sales that were higher than the previous year’s $2.19 billion. That total also set a record.

The full sales figure for Colorado for the 2021 calendar year: $2,228,994,553.

That total included more than $168 million in sales in December alone, the department reported.

Total sales for medical and adult-use marijuana combined since the Colorado recreational market launched in January 2014 have now hit $12.2 billion, the Department of Revenue reported.

According to year-over-year figures from the state, Colorado’s marijuana market has set sales records every year since registering $683 million in 2014.

The trend is likely encouraging to the cannabis industry considering Colorado is the most mature recreational marijuana market in the U.S.

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