Cannabis Insiders Tour Presented By ACC of Illinois

January 1st of 2020 Illinois opened the legal recreational cannabis market. The state of Illinois was also set to release 75 recreational cannabis dispensary licenses during the year of 2020 but due to covid-19 and a few other setbacks those licenses have yet to be distributed. During that time our company consulted and educated many people in the Mid-west region of the United States. During that time Illinois has done over 669 Million dollars in cannabis sales (Click here to see sales #’s).

As we educated more and more students as well as clients we realized a lot of people did not realize the scale and amount of education required to enter into the cannabis space and succeed. Our company knew it was imperative to develop programs and events that would accelerate not only people getting into the cannabis space but how could we accelerate a persons vision to get into the cannabis business.

We have developed a program “Cannabis Insiders Tour” where we partnered with dispensaries in Denver to bring you into their facilities and see everything behind the scenes. The tour takes you through an entire dispensary and a processing facility.

How can this tour help me get in the business?

  • Dispensary Owner/ Worker: Proper procedures, security layout, dispensary floor plan layout, setting up the retail area of the dispensary, delivery procedure, agent in charge (Will meet as well as be able to ask questions), opening and closing procedures, proper disposal of cannabis, delivery protocols and procedures, POS system over view, and of course you will be able to shop for items after the tour.
photo opp after dispensary tour
  • Infuser: Proper procedures, shatter extraction, tour extraction room, meet extraction technician (80K a year + job), view the CO2 extraction machines that extract the cannabis to create shatter and concentrates, tour clean kitchen, and gummy creation and packaging,.

  • Craft Grow: Proper procedures, pre-roll lab (see how pre -rolls are created), proper storage of cannabis and Q&A
  • Transportation: Proper procedures, review a manifest, how to properly receive a delivery, security protocols for deliveries, Biotrac discussion (software), storage of cannabis and cannabis products, and cannabis vault protocols.
Actual delivery and storage of cannabis taking place

What’s included?

  • Dispensary Tour
  • Processing Facility Tour
  • Q&A with Agent in charge & Owners
  • Transportation
  • Evening Mixer

Dispensary Tour:

  • View dispensary business model
  • View dispensary product lines

Processing Facility Tour:

  • CO2 extraction facility: You will learn the process of making butane extracted concentrates (Wax, budder, live resin, & activated CO2 oil
  • Edible processing production line
  • Pre-roll production line
  • Moon rock production line

Q & A with Agent in Charge and Owners of Cannabis Company 


March 29, 2022

March 30,2022